Sample project using Plain JavaSE – Episode 3

Hi, this is the third post of a series where i’ll be publishing some samples showing how to develop web applications with Java technology.
This post sample consists on a project ‘staffgest-persistence-hibernate-jpa‘ that serves as persistence layer using JPA.
I’ll use Hibernate 5 as a JPA provider and H2 as an in-memory relational database.

On the next episode i’ll plug this project as a dependency on ‘staffgest-mdw‘.

You can read more about JPA in here.
You can read more about Hibernate in here.
You can read more about H2 in here.

For more context please refer to the previous post.

Relevant code snippets:


Generic DAO interface

Generic DAO interface

Generic DAO Impl

Employee DAO Interface

Employee DAO Impl

Employee DAO Tests

staffgest-persistence-hibernate-jpa‘  – is a maven project, so it should be fairly simple to import and build it.
Hope it’s helpful for someone!