Sample project using Spring Boot and MongoDB(Fongo) and test repository with NoSqlUnit

Hi, this is the initial post of a series where i’ll be publishing some samples showing how to work with MongoDB documents with Java.
This post sample consists on a project that uses spring-boot with spring-data-mongo repository, Fongo(an in-memory mongodb representation) and NoSqlUnit – a helper library for tests.
For a cleaner document object, we use Lombok.

You can read more about Fongo in here.
You can read more about NoSqlUnit in here.
You can read more about Spring-data-mongo in here.
You can read more about Lombok in here.

User document.

User repository.

Sample data to load using NoSqlUnit.

Sample test.


fongo-hello-world‘ – is a maven project, so it should be fairly simple to import and build it. Run the test on class ‘UserRepositoryTest’.
Hope it’s helpful for someone!